Album Prep: inner pulse

I’m gearing up for my first of many recording sessions for my upcoming album Katana of Choice: New Works for Drumset Soloist. On May 6th I’ll join David Cossin at his home studio in New York City to record the drumset duet “Lakoni in Kazonnde" by composer, Lukas Ligeti. David and I have performed this [...]

Upcoming Album: Katana Of Choice

It is finally going to happen... I begin recording my first album of drumset repertoire in a few months! Thanks to the support of The Canada Council, my new album "Katana of Choice - New works for solo drumset" will be available hopefully by fall 2016. Music and performers will include: Train Set by Eliot [...]

Elusive Peace

Solo drum rehearsal with click track here. Live performance of Elusive Peace  can be viewed here. Listen to studio recording  here. Back in May 2012, along with the amazing cellist Leanne Zacharias, I performed Elusive Peace by Rand Steiger. The piece, for drumset and amplified cello, was composed in 2001 and premiered by Steven Schick and Maya Beiser in 2002. After the premiere Elusive was [...]

Riot! Solo Works for Drumset

I am very excited to be putting on my first show in Winnipeg featuring a wide variety of repertoire for solo drumset. On August 1, 2012 at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba I will perform the following pieces (I have also include links to audio/video): Monkey Chant by Glenn Kotche (Drummer for the band [...]