Album Prep: Drum Dances

One session down (I’ll post clips from the Ligeti/Cossin session soon) and I’m pumped to be onto the next one this Monday. Up next is Architek‘s (well… really Ben Duinker‘s) arrangement of Drum Dances by John Psathas.

Back in the day I recorded two movements of this work with my friend and killer pianist Andy Costello. Check out our recording:

Architek’s version that we are recording next week is for drumset and 3 mallet percussionists (2 five-octave marimbas and vibraphone). There are plenty of heavy hitting drumset moments for the soloist, but one of my favourite parts has to be the 2nd movement featuring a delicate glockenspiel melody overtop kick and hi-hat pulses. I decided to have fun with my new Zoom camera and split screen with this video:

Also check out this sweet groove from Movement 4:

I’ll be working with engineer/producer John Klepko and my Architek boys at Oscar Peterson Hall in Montreal. I’ll share footage from these sessions for sure!

– b



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