DTX Dances

aka Drum Dances Mov. 1 by John Psathas

Having very recently picked up my first electronic drumset, the Yamaha DTX920k, I thought I’d record Drum Dances, a piece I originally recorded acoustically for my album ‘Katana of Choice – Music for Drumset Soloist‘.

My acoustic setup included a collection of Splash cymbals, China, 2 Crashes and a Ride, so… with the DTX I made the 2 Crashes activate Splash cymbals when struck on edge and the Ride sounds a China when it is struck on edge. I’m using the Oak Custom kit, tuned to match my acoustic Oak Customs. I reduced the sustain and took off things like chorus and reverb that are automatic with the presets.

Tweaking things will continue as I’m sure there are still deep settings that will improve even more the feel and response of the pads.. but I think this is a great start! Check out the video and stay tuned for more:

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