Katana of Choice

Music for Drumset Soloist

Featuring music by Nicole Lizée, Eliot Britton, Lukas Ligeti and John Psathas. Guest performances by Architek Percussion, TorQ Percussion and David Cossin

“Katana of Choice” by Nicole Lizée is a 2019 Juno nominated composition!

“A tour de force…Katana of Choice is an exhilarating musical ride…”
Wholenote magazine

Streaming & Reviews


“Interesting and brilliantly groundbreaking, I could listen to this album for hours on end–I have in fact. A modern classic in my eyes, and a winner, too.”
Full Review in I Care If You Listen

“We are very proud of our association with Ben Reimer as a Yamaha Percussion artist. He is a very talented multi-percussionist with a clear desire to promote new music through drumset and percussion applications. This album showcases his ability to work with various shifting time and melodic themes, either solo or with other equally talented writers and musicians. Well done.” Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.

“A tour de force…Katana of Choice is an exhilarating musical ride…”
Full Review in Wholenote magazine

“Melodically percussive, excellent”
Greg Bear of “Alloy” on 88.3 WDCUFM, Dickinson College

“It truly is a stellar album of contemporary classical music. One of the reasons why I like it so much is that a (relatively) simple drumkit is not what you’d expect to see when looking for classical music. Yet here it is, and it is mind-blowing!”Can This Even Be Called Music?

“Adventurous and stunning… traditional drumset techniques outstandingly connected with innovative and modern ways of playing”
Avant Scena

“Ben’s new release, Katana of Choice—Music for Drumset Soloist, demonstrates his impressive technically facility and musical sensitivity! His attention to detail, in both instrument tuning and the timbres chosen, greatly enhances his thoughtful interpretations.”  Dr. Nick Petrella, Director of Education, SABIAN

“Ben Reimer displays a masterful command of the drumset in this new recording.” Percussive Notes

Virtuosité étourdissante! Un disque qui permet de découvrir les plus récents développements dans l’univers de la percussion et qui montre bien qu’avec des musiciens comme Ben Reimer, il est plus que jamais en expansion.” Ludwig-van Montreal